Fujifilm has announced the XF 27mm F2.8 R WR lens for its X Series digital cameras.

The "pancake-style" lens measures only 0.9" (23mm) deep and weighs 2.9oz (84g), making it one of the lightest 27mm on the market. Optically, it's fashioned from 7 elements in 5 groups with a single aspherical element. The 7 blade aperture can be stopped down to F16. 

Fujinon_27mm_3Credit: Fujifilm

When paired with the APS-C sized sensor for the X series cameras, it offers a 55.5° field of view and is a 41mm equivalent on a full-frame sensor. Even for such a small lens, it's capable of extremely fast and precise autofocus. 

Included with the lens is a dome-style hood that helps protect the front element from accidental bumps out in the field. It also helps minimize uneven flash coverage or obstructions to the field of view when using larger hoods. 

The XF 27mm F2.8 is expected to ship in March with a retail price of $399 USD ($520 CDN).