In recent years, so many Hollywood films and TV shows have flocked to Georgia thanks to the state's generous tax credit for shooting there. The industry there is responsible for nearly $10 billion in revenue. But a recent law that suppresses Georgia voters has angered people of the state and Hollywood. 

Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed a new bill into law requiring rigid voter restrictions like ID requirements for absentee voting, limiting the number of ballot drop boxes, and making it illegal to give food and water to voters in line. President Biden dubbed it "Jim Crow in the 21st Century," while Stacey Abrams called it "a reminder of Georgia’s dark past."

Hollywood has reacted negatively, with some calling for a boycott of filming in the state, while others are trying to figure out another way to not punish the people and crews of Georgia. 

Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter Bernice King wrote on Twitter, "That would hurt middle-class workers and people grappling with poverty. And it would increase the harm of both racism and classism."

Director James Mangold and actor Mark Hamill were both in favor of the boycott. Mangold said he wouldn't be directing another movie in the state while this law stands, and made a very compelling argument as to why, saying other states would be happy to have the business and benefits—and are allowing people to vote. 

This is obviously a complicated issue, as many people in Georgia would lose regular work and probably have to move elsewhere. While there are ways to protest and change the law, the governor seems to be in power with a republican legislature for a while. So if the boycott began today, you could expect it to last a few years. 

There is no clear issue as to how to respond to this voter suppression, and it seems like it will be a case-by-case basis unless studios get involved. Disney shoots many of their Marvel shows and movies in Georgia, as does Netflix's Stranger Things

If those cash-cows pull out, you could see a landslide of people following. 

Organizer and Democratic party leader Stacey Abrams has yet to voice her opinion on the issue. She has not supported a boycott in the past, instead favoring organizing and education. 

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