Music and sound effects are some of the most important elements of a film or video project, but the process of obtaining them can be difficult, expensive, and confusing if you're not familiar with how to license copyrighted material.

That's where Artlist comes in. This licensing platform makes finding and acquiring quality tracks and assets really simple and really affordable. 

This is how it works: you sign up for a yearly subscription, download as much music and as many sound effects as you want, and then you keep them forever. That's it! There are no additional costs waiting for you at checkout. There are no caps you have to worry about while downloading. And best of all, there's no fine print to the assets you license. It's just affordable access to a huge library of over 15,000 music and sound effects that you can download to your heart's content.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Hey, that sounds really great, but am I just paying for a subscription to generic elevator music?" The answer is "no." Artlist carefully curates original music from the world's top indie artists, adding daily to its catalog so there's always something fresh and new for every project you work on. Not only that, but we're talking studio-quality music here. Everything in the Artlist catalog is recorded, mixed, and mastered for the highest possible audio quality.

And once you download your music and sound effects, they're yours forever—even if you don't renew your subscription! You can go forth and use your royalty-free assets for personal or commercial projects, which means TV, podcasts, YouTube, VR, Video Games, anything.


Artlist is offering an exclusive discount for No Film School readers. Click this link to get 2 extra months free on your yearly subscription!

Here's a quick breakdown of Artlist's subscription options.

  • Music: $199
  • SFX: $149
  • Music + SFX: $299

Head on over to Artlist to learn more.

Source: Artlist