Who wouldn't want buttery smooth footage? Smartta has released the SliderMini 2, its next-generation ultra-portable slider with new features and an affordable price. The new model offers improved stability, 4 specialty modes, and 10 built-in time-lapse modes with variable speed options. Plus, an option for stop-motion animation.

The big draw is its size. It's tiny and weighs only 1.26 lbs (0.57 kg). Better yet, the travel length is 8 inches (200 mm), so you can pretty much put it anywhere. In terms of payload, it can hold a camera weighing up to 33 lbs (about 15 kg) for both horizontal and vertical movements. 

The slider can be controlled with the Smartta Go app that's available for iOS and Android. Shooters can set up precise movements, or use the one-press button on the unit. The max speed on the slider is 0.4 inches per second (10 mm/sec) with a minimum speed is 0.004 in./sec (0.1mm/sec). There is a built-in battery that promises up to 52 hours of life on a single charge of normal use and up to 14 hours of active use. To recharge, it only takes 1.5 hours.

In addition, the SliderMini 2 comes with a loop mode and the ability to shoot time-lapse at night (night-lapse). The slider can easily do both horizontal and incline shots, giving you even more options.

Given its ultra-portable size, it makes you wonder if there's enough slide available on its 8-inch (200mm) track to accomplish the shots you want? Of course, one could argue that going handheld and adding some stabilization in post could work, but being able to precisely repeat the desired shots for multiple takes, handheld, is nearly impossible. 

The SliderMini 2 is priced at $399 (currently discounted at $379), making it tempting for creators to add a quality slider that won't break the bank.

Source: Smartta