The 2x1 LED panel is a mainstay of many lighting productions for good reason. The rectangle size is great for lighting interviews or providing a solid fill light near camera, while being small enough that it can still be stuck in a variety of surprising locations when you need it.

The new LD150R from Godox is a 2x1 LED panel that packs a whole host of features into a small package at an unbelievable price point, coming in under $1,000.

Take a look at the LD150R in our hands-on review!

Now let's learn more about what the LD150R can do.


The LD150R works as both a kelvin bi-color unit while also offering 16 million colors of RGB output.

Working in CCT mode, with a range of 2500 to 8500K, you can easily match whatever source you are working against to have pristine and clear lighting on your scene. But if you need to go outside of CCT, it's a quick swap over to RGB mode for a host of more diverse color effects.

If you need a hot pink light to mimic an off-screen neon sign, the LD150R will have you covered.

Nofilmschool_godox_lr150_1Packs up neatly and securely in it's case for easy transport.

To create those effects, Godox offers a variety of methods of control, including an on-screen menu system, DMX control, and wireless control with an app.

On-screen menus are great when a unit is on the ground, but can be frustrating once you have rigged a unit up into the rafters, which is where DMX and app control become really useful. DMX integration is going to be great for larger sets and setups where you have the time to set up a DMX panel and program it properly.

On smaller productions, the integrated app is going to be your best bet and is both intuitive and powerful. You can get going controlling the light quite quickly without a lot of fuss and there is a lot of control at your fingertips.

Nofilmschool_godox_lr150_6_05-PIN DMX, DMX over Ethernet, Bluetooth App control and on screen menu's make setting up the unit a breeze

Using the app, you can also bring up the entire R-Gel/L-Gel gel library to match with pre-created colors from R-Gel/L-Gel gels. This is great for when you are communicating with other team members, matching previously created looks, or even matching lights on the set.

If you've got R-Gel/L-Gel 162 Bastard Amber on your main key source, and want your fill to match, you can dial it right in.


Having gotten hands-on time with the unit, one of our favorite features was the ability to dim all the way down to 0% smoothly without a major dropoff at the bottom of the range. Many comparable units, even at slightly higher price points, have large dim increments when you get close to off, and we appreciated the ability to finetune control at the bottom of the output curve.

This is especially useful when using this unit as a fill light on a low-light scene, for instance.


One thing many users might not initially notice or appreciate about the LD150R is that it comes bundled in a sleek, compact carrying case. In the days of living on grip trucks, having a carrying case wasn't as important, but as productions get smaller, more flexible, and travel in a wider variety of vehicles, a carrying case becomes more and more useful.

This is a standout feature, since most 2x1 panels don't offer carry cases or come as an added accessory. Especially if you are thinking of supplementing your income with renting the light on an online platform, having a convenient carry case will make this a far more useful unit in your lineup.

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