Over 30 years ago, we were treated to one of the most exciting heist movies of all time, Heat. Michael Mann directed the movie about a cat-and-mouse game between a detective and a thief. The movie is both thrilling and emotional. We get deeply involved with these men's lives and we come to understand why they live the way they do. The movie starred Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. 

That movie premiered so long ago, but Mann has been working on the sequel. The book, Heat 2, comes out in August. And Recently, Michael Mann has said he wants to make it into a sequel movie. It takes place both before and after the original film, splitting the narrative's timeline. 

“It’s totally planned to be a movie,” Mann told Empire Magazine.

Of course, there are some chips stacked against it. Mann says, “Is it a modest movie? No. Is it a very expensive series? No, It’s going to be one large movie.”

Mann goes on to say De Niro and Pacino are too old to play their original roles, but he should be able to cast it and get someone interested in making it because of the original's classic status.

He says,  “It’s sustained in culture. It’s known. I could delude myself into thinking that the whole world is familiar with it, but when you check out its prominence in home vid for over 20 years, this thing really has legs. People are still watching it, people are still talking about it. It’s a brand. It’s kind of a Heat universe, in a way. And that certainly justifies a very large ambitious movie.”

For now, he is very happy with the book version of the story. Mann says, “I try to evoke that experience in the films I make, to locate the audience within the internal world of a character. The novel form allows me an even greater arena.”

We'll keep you updated as more develops.