If you were following the Golden Globes last month, you know for yet another year, the HFPA ignored many performances and movies by Black creatives. We also learned that the HFPA had no Black correspondents

This was a huge issue and seems incredibly backward these days. 

Well, yesterday,  a collective of Hollywood publicists sent the HFPA a letter demanding they become an inclusive organization, or risk losing access to all 100-plus PR firms clients.

The letter, which you can read here, began, "As publicists we collectively represent the vast majority of artists in the entertainment industry. We call on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to swiftly manifest profound and lasting change to eradicate the longstanding exclusionary ethos and pervasive practice of discriminatory behavior, unprofessionalism, ethical impropriety, and alleged financial corruption endemic to the HFPA, funded by Dick Clark Productions, MRC, NBCUniversal and Comcast."

This strong condemnation was heard by the HFPA, who replied early this morning. They promised to increase Black membership to at least 13% and work toward making broad changes within their organization. 

They also promised to start "analyzing policies, practices, member recruitment activities, and member selection processes through the prism of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); Facilitating 20 quarterly trainings over the next five years on DEI topics ranging from implicit and explicit bias to strategically diversifying the membership, evolving the Association with changing demographics, welcoming Black members into an inclusive environment, and ensuring equitable pathways to leadership for women members, to name a few;"

You can read their full statement here

Obviously, this is an awesome response to get, but I wanted to highlight the bold and inspired behavior by the PR firms taking a stand. In order to leverage a better future, we need the powerful to use their position to elevate diverse voices. 

Hopefully, this will lead to the nomination and highlighting of a more diverse array of projects and performers in the future. 

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