The Cooke Optics YouTube page is a must-bookmark for filmmakers. They have some of the most insightful spotlight interviews and masterclasses found on the web. Better yet, they're free to watch.

In a recent release, Cooke compiled several casual conversations with top-notch cinematographers including Fabian Wagner, Dan Mindel, and Bradford Young to share how they broke into the entertainment industry. Check it out below.

The insightful video reinforces the idea that there's not a single path when it comes to working in the industry. Going to film school. Not going to film school. Nepotism. Building relationships. Living at home until you break in. Shooting specs. There's isn't a defining answer.

But there is one thing creators should always try do, and that's to keep improving your craft. Keep learning. Keep trying to move the needle. Even when there's isn't a gig around the corner, grab a camera and start shooting. Or watch films to build a library of knowledgean understanding of film history and theory, so when do find yourself in a meeting, it can help you pitch the visual grammar or find common ground with the director. 

What was your first gig? Share it with us know in the comments below. 

Source: CookeOpticsTV