Molly Manning Walker is the Writer-Director of How to Have Sex. The story follows three British teen girls who find themselves navigating the complexities of sex, consent, and self-discovery while on holiday in Greece. The film has won awards across various film festivals, including British Independent Film Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, and others. It premiered at Sundance 2024 in the Spotlight film section.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins, speaks with Molly Manning Walker to discuss:

  • The inspiration behind the film
  • Realizing her own friendships as a teen were quite harsh
  • Unexpected reactions from the audience
  • Exploring the glorification of party culture
  • The process of choosing a cinematographer
  • Director vs DP - The POV of the set changes
  • Why some scenes were heavily scripted and others improvised
  • Navigating a group of high energy teen actors
  • The benefit of doing experimental takes
  • Bringing in an intimacy coordinator so the cast felt protected
  • How Molly created a safe environment for both cast and crew

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