The role of an intimacy coordinator is one of the most important jobs on set. If you have sex on screen, then you want someone there to help you parse out the blocking, who's confident with what, and to make sure everyone on set feels safe.

But if you're working on an indie project or a short film, or you're in an area that's not a huge filmmaking hub, it may be hard to find someone to work on your project.

That's why I was so excited when I got sent this free guide to intimacy coordination.


The guide is from BECTU, which is the union for creative ambition. They represent over 40,000 staff and contract and freelance workers in the media and entertainment industries.

In the guide, they explain:

"Following the development of the ‘Me Too’ movement, intimacy coordination has grown worldwide. UK creatives identified the need for official coordination and guidance when shooting intimate scenes. The document includes guidance on when an intimacy coordinator should be hired; a glossary of terms and definitions to be used in contracts, audition notices, and riders/waivers; and advice for how productions can best prepare for and shoot scenes with intimate action, including mental health support, providing clear reporting pathways and ensuring diversity and inclusion in intimate scenes."

I think this is an essential resource for people working in film and TV. The PDF has a lot of useful information, questions to ask, and ways to make everyone comfortable.

So check it out and utilize this free guide to make your set a better place.