Thanks to A24, horror movie fans have been blessed with a solid crop of must-see entries in the genre: Think HereditaryMidsommar, andThe Witch.

Now, the company plans to inject pure nightmare fuel directly into our eyeballs with In Fabric, a limited release that opens December 6.

The new film from Berberian Sound Studio director Peter Strickland is an unflinching, slow-burn creep fest centered on a very isolated and lonely woman, played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste, who -- according to the press release -- "visits a London department store searching for an important dress that will transform her life." And judging by the dream sequence clip below, from, her life is going to get seriously upended. 

Check out the dream sequence clip below, entitled "Baby Dream," and try not to let it mess you up too much. Maybe watch it with the lights on. 

Wow. So that was, um, yeah... that happened. 

Strickland and his films are very acquired tastes; most either like them or feel the other thing. But, judging by this clip, he has managed to make a movie that has no visible studio fingerprints on it -- at a price point where someone at his level (or yours) can get away with it. That feat alone, finding a way to execute one's vision without easily-identifiable compromise, in the current studio climate of safe bets and sanitized IP, is one to admire.

It's also inspiring; you can create daring, outside-the-box genre experiments like this and either a studio, or an audience, or both will find them. 

Find out if In Fabric pays off when it hits theaters Friday and On Demand December 10. 

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