There is so much to love about Nobody, one of the year's most enjoyable movies so far. We get some great performances from actors like Bob Odenkirk and Christopher Lloyd. There's also heart-pounding action, coming from co-stunt coordinator and actor Daniel Bernhardt, who was also the martial arts expert famously featured in the iconic "ronny/lilly" episode of Barry.

Director crafted an interesting and fun world here, and with the cooperation of the rest of the crew, told a unique story in compelling ways.

Check out this exclusive look at what went into some of the creativity and collaboration on set!

It looks like Naishullerbrought a distinct vision to the set, which producer David Leitch supported. Leitch also points out that Naishuller was willing to accept creative input from the rest of the team to make the best version of the film possible.

It's also fun to see them do a little bit of on-the-fly pre-vis here, with Naishuller standing in for Odenkirk as they block a comedic moment in the middle of a shootout scene. Seeing that conceptual moment along with was ultimately in the film is really interesting. 

Bob-odenkirk-nobody-film'Nobody'Credit: Universal Pictures

It's inspiring to see how passionate everyone involved with this project was and how dedicated they were to their roles.

This entire film surprised us from start to finish, and we can't wait to see what else these talented creators have in store!

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NOBODY is coming to Blu-ray and DVD June 22.