If your internet has been out of commission for the last 72 hours, while you were away, Sony made the a7S III official. Hooray! We no longer have to speculate or ask or try to pinpoint exactly what the camera will be. 

Sony kept its eyes on improving what already existed rather than stretching its legs too far. The 12.1MP full-frame mirrorless camera received a complete overhaul from the inside out, starting with a new sensor design with larger photosites and a processor that's said to be 8x faster. The camera sees a new menu structure that has settings for both video and stills, faster AF performance, better low light capabilities, a flip-out LCD, and a full HDMI port, among many other improvements. 

Even though it took Sony more than 5 years to release a successor to the popular a7S II, the silver lining is that some fans took to Twitter and dropped some hilarious memes to show their appreciation. 

It wasn't all laughter though, many YouTube creators were able to get hold of a preproduction model to test. Among them are Gerald Undone, Justine Ezarik, and Kai W. Check out what they had to say below. 

So what do you think of the a7S III? Rattle off in the comments below.