Lens maker Irix has been pursuing an interesting strategy when moving into the cine lens market. Rather than starting with a full line-up, they started with a fascinating 150mm, then came out with something from the other end of the array with an 11mm, both of which cover full frame, cost less than $2K, and have all the other features cinematographers are looking for. 

After coming in from both flanks, Irix is now moving quickly and attacking the middle with the new 45mm.

Like the other lenses in the line, the 45mm has a 95mm outer clamp diameter and an 86mm threaded inner ring for mounting filters. A nine-bladed aperture should create smooth edges to wide open bokeh. Weatherproof, durable, with a magnetic front ring for attaching accessories, the 45mm is a completely new optical design that is intended to work interchangeably with the other lenses in the lineup, with consistent focus and iris lens positions on top of the similar front diameters.

Swing lens to lens should be a breeze with your accessories staying in place. It's available in EF, PL, E and, impressively, MFT, and covers full frame sensors. 


Tech Specs

  • Mid-range focal length with field of view 51,4°
  • Suitable for shooting with Ultra HD 8K resolution cameras
  • High-quality optical elements – 11 elements in 9 groups. HR, XLD, ASP produced inJapan
  • High maximum transmittance value of T1.5 up to T22
  • Standardized 0.8 Pitch Mod Cine Gears
  • Very low distortion -0.5%
  • Sealed construction prepared for all weather conditions
  • Compatibility with standard follow-focus systems and lens control motors
  • Front filter thread size 86 x 1.0 mm
  • Standard 95mm front diameter for cine accessories
  • Equipped with a support foot
  • Irix Magnetic Mount System
  • Focus scale available in metric or imperial units
  • Laser engraved markings filled with UV paint
  • Durable magnesium-aluminum alloy
  • Weight 1.1 kilograms / 2.42lbs


The big news here, of course, is that T1.5 aperture. At the far end with Macro at a T3, and the 11mm with its T4.3, we didn't get a sense of where Irix was planning on going with apertures for the full line-up. However, we're now looking at the first of the "mainstream" lenses from Irix, and it's a T1.5. This doesn't necessarily mean that the whole line will be, but we think it's very possible we'll see a lot of lenses in the T1.5 space as Irix fills out their stable. 

This is a somewhat pleasant surprise since the price points so far have been very affordable when compared to comparable cinema lenses -- and one way that often happens is sacrificing on the T stop. If this lens had come out as T2.1, we wouldn't have been surprised, and we would likely still be curious. But at a T1.5, if it matches the other lenses in price, Irix definitely has our attention.

Available before the end of the year, with pricing info to follow soon.