Ever want to be in the movies? Well, one 20-year-old had that dream but instead of letting it remain one, he put his creativity to work and ended up getting the attention of former Disney CEO (and current Executive Chair) Bob Iger.

Julian Bass went viral on TikTok after he started literally putting himself in his favorite superhero and fantasy films. He shot webs, wielded a lightsaber, and we all paid attention. 

Bass called for people to like his videos and to "retweet this enough times that Disney calls." And guess what? I think we did... 

It wasn't long before Marvel, Sony, and Disney took notice and began commenting. I mean, the guy is basically a real-life version of Miles Morales from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Think that's a big deal? Well, Bob Iger got in on the action saying, "The world's gonna know your name!!!!" on Bass' video, which now has more than 22.6 million views on Twitter.

Bass explained to TIME Magazine, “I was absolutely surprised that all of these high profile people were showing up and retweeting, I would’ve never thought this would happen,” says Bass. “The first one I noticed was the Lonely Island and as a massive fan of them I was blown away. Less than 5 hours later, Bob Iger is there changing my life in an instant.”

Bass has since done the media rounds, telling Good Morning America, "I am going to try to capitalize on [the attention] now, with all of these people reaching out, and make the smartest move going forward," said Bass, who is a theater major at Georgia State University. "My family is even getting calls from people we don't know."

"It's crazy. Everyone's reaching out and saying congratulations and they love it," Bass added.

Bass wants to go to school to perfect his skills. While I think one of these huge companies should give him a scholarship, you can donate to his GoFundMe page if you feel so inclined.

Our favorite thing about this kid is what he told TIME, “I learned VFX and filmmaking on my own for the most part. [There was] a lot of trial and error and learning from experience! I haven’t ever taken a film class or anything like that.”

As we know here at NFS, you can learn anything with access to the information. 

So what's next for Bass? 

He told TIME, “I’ve gotten plenty of offers for representation and from casting directors. I’m not entirely sure what I’m allowed to spill so for now let’s just say there’s a lot of stuff in the works,” he says. “Only thing for me to do now is continue to create, filter some phone calls, and hedge my bet to be your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

Amazing. This is truly the quarantine inspiration we all need to keep creating. Do your heart's work and watch it payoff.