While most film and television productions have come to a halt, there are still news teams covering stories daily for those at home. Keeping a safe social distance for on-camera interviews during this difficult time can be challenging. The boompole is a logical choice to record usable audio from a distance.

K-Tek has introduced a new boompole that doubles as an extended handgrip to offer safer interviews.  

Key Features 

  • Graphite Carbon Fiber Body
  • 2 Sections
  • Foam Grip
  • 3/8" Threaded Stud
  • 5/8" Threaded Adapter

The K-Tek Klassic Interview Pole (KIP) is a graphite boompole made from carbon fiber and uses similar quick-release collars found on other Klassic boompoles. It's lightweight, weighing only 0.6 lbs (285g) and has two sections allowing it to extend from 3' 2.5" (97.79 cm) to 6' (1.84 m). While the release and lock collars are not the same as its higher-end captive collet collars (and it's not expected), a simple twist and it's locked in place.  


The pole is un-cabled and does not have an XLR connection at the bottom, so any cables will need to be wrapped accordingly. However, there is a foam grip at the bottom for easy handling and it should help reduce any unwanted handling noise from being recorded. At the top is a 3/8″ threaded stud and it comes with a 5/8″ adapter making it compatible with standard shock mounts and microphone clamps with the same threading. 

I like what K-Tek has done here. They essentially took what they do best and simplified it. Now, instead of needing to address 5 different sections, like on the K-Tek K102 or 3 on KEG54, there are only 2. Speed is important, especially when it comes to news. But I wouldn't say this is for news crews only. It's actually a great starter pole similar to the KEG54 and is ideal or for anyone conducting regular interviews on docs or for YouTube creators looking to improve an at-home setup. If K-Tek made a cabled version, that didn't drive the price up too high, it would be even better.

Pricing & Availability 

That said, the Klassic Interview Pole is one of the company's least expensive products, costing $129.95. Its budget-friendly Airo pole sells for $99 and has a reach of 3’-2.5″ to 10’-10” (98cm - 330cm), though its an aluminium pole and will tad heavier at 1.6 lbs. An extra pound may not seem like much, but after attaching a microphone to the end and stretching it out 6', it will be felt. I'm still in awe when I see boom operators rocking 20' poles for 8+ minute takes.

For those interested, an inexpensive K-Tek cabled pole is the KE69CC, which extends from 2' 4" to 5' 9" and costs $157. 

Source: About the Gear