A new Charlie Kaufman movie is a thing to celebrate. Sadly the movie will not get to have its festival run, but the good news is those of us who are starved for content can rejoice. Based on the twisted psychological novel by Iain Reid, the movie is another one of Kaufman's descents into madness. 

There are exclusive images on Entertainment Weekly's website. Where Kaufman told them, “I don’t set out to do a mindf---,” the Oscar-winning filmmaker says. “I’m not setting out to do something that ‘tops’ some sort of brainteaser I might have done before. But there’s no question that I’m trying to build on the stuff that I’ve already done.” 

Again from Entertainment Weekly, "Ending Things begins as a sort of moody couple’s road trip, in which Jake (Jesse Plemons) and his girlfriend (Jessie Buckley) drive out to his (slightly haunted) childhood home for her to meet his parents (David Thewlis and Toni Collette). On the way there, the sense slowly builds that things aren’t quite what they seem; upon arrival, the pair are thrust in directions that bend the laws of reality, memory, and love. 'Loneliness and hopelessness and regret — these are things that are part of the fabric of this film,' Kaufman says."

That sounds like the perfect place for things to go crazy. 

The house represents the imagined interaction between someone you bring home to your parents — "a panic that is two-headed at that point,” he teases. “You’re worried about what they’re going to think about your parents, and you’re always worried about what your parents are going to think of them.” 

Kaufman movies are unique because they are challenging for both the viewer and the characters. Full of pitfalls and emotional hurdles. 

And this one is coming to Netflix on September 4.