The RED Komodo was created to be a stunt camera. Perhaps even a C-Camera to the flagship RED V-Raptor. Yet it was so affordable everyone jumped at the chance to own some RED tech. 

But the Komodo was never built to output the necessities of high-end production. That never stopped creatives from trying or using it on those same high-end productions beyond their originally intended use case. The RED Komodo-X aims to change that while keeping the camera equally affordable. 

Resolution and Speed

According to RED, the new camera packs a completely new sensor architecture with an updated pixel design that will improve image detail and color in the shadows.

While the size will remain Super 35 and have the same 19.9MP layout, thanks to an upgrade to the processing power, the new global shutter sensor will output 6K at 80 fps and 4K at 120 fps, a nice bump from its smaller sibling.

RED Komodo X Recording OptionsRecording optionsCredit: RED

Other updates include a connector for the DSMC3 7” touchscreen monitor, a native V-mount battery plate, a locking Canon RF mount, and all-new assignable buttons. The I/O has also been expanded to include a full-sized 1B DC-in connector for power, a 5-pin audio connector for audio, UCB-C, 12G SDI with 4K60 output, and lifestream capabilities that see RED tackling more than just narrative.

For those creatives who want to keep it lean, there’s still an integrated touchscreen on the top for image preview and all your necessary controls.

RED Komodo-X Rear I/ORear I/O and V-Mount battery plateCredit: RED

The Same, but Better

If you look at the two Komodo’s straight on, you’d be hard-pressed to find a different. They are the same height and width, the only difference being the length. The Komodo X is just a hair over 24mm. That length packs in the extra I/O and some nice network features that will find a nice home in live production environments.

RED Komodo Line comparisonKomodo and Komodo-X side by sideCredit: RED

The integrated USB-C will allow filmmakers to expand the remote capabilities of the Komodo-X. This includes 5Gbps network control, multi-cam control with the app, and 1080P live stream capabilities. Users will also be able to offload footage using the network features, which is a nice addition for creatives needing camera-to-cloud. 

Who Is This Camera For?

From what we see, the Komodo-X is a production-ready camera like the V-Raptor, but in a smaller form factor and at a more affordable price. Not to say that the RED Komodo isn’t a capable piece of kit, but it was designed for stunt work and literal car crashes. There were always sacrifices to be made in the design due to its use case. 


  • 19.9MP Super35 Global Shutter CMOS
  • Compact DSMC3 Design
  • Locking Canon RF Lens Mount
  • Up to 6K80p & 4K120p Video
  • 12G-SDI, USB-C, 5-Pin Audio Ports
  • 6K Streaming via RED Connect License
  • Wireless Control, File Offload via Wi-Fi
  • Integrated 2.4" Touchscreen
Body Only

The Komodo-X seems to answer all the demands Komodo users had—a camera with more capabilities, the same size, and also still affordable.

When RED first blew up on the scene with its DSMC2 line, all the creatives I spoke with could never find comfort in paying the price. I think that is why the original Komodo sold so well. It was a powerhouse that didn't break the bank. But now, the Komodo-X is here, and it feels like the RED camera that I (and my wallet) have always dreamed of.

But let us know what you think! Have you already pre-orders your Komodo-X? Are you holding off?

Let us know in the comments.