Lectrosonics has expanded its digital wireless with a new DPR plug-on transmitter that uses a standard 3-pin XLR input compatible with any XLR microphone. 

Key Features 

  • Wideband UHF tuning range
  • Accepts microphone or line level 
  • Selectable 5, 15, 48-volt phantom power
  • Selectable 25/50 mW RF output power
  • IR (infrared) port for fast setup

Lectrosonics has 2 wireless series, its Digital Hybrid Wireless and Digital Wireless. The former combines the best of analog and digital features, and the digital version is, well, digital. One of the benefits of digital wireless is that the signal is completely encrypted. Meaning, no one is able to pick up the audio using a scan tool. With an analog signal, you can.

When added security is required, digital is the way to go. Sporting events tend to use digital wireless. The same for news broadcasts and live shows. 


The DPR digital plug-on is similarly designed to the HMa plug-on in the Digital Hybrid Series. It can record industry-standard Broadcast Wave files at 24-bit 48 kHz. The unit has a wideband frequency range and can tune in 100 kHz or 25 kHz steps across 470.100 to 607.950 MHz. There is selectable output power of 25 or 50 mW, phantom power of 5v, 15v, or 48v, and a 3.5mm TRS jack to jam sync timecode. Lectrosonics states the timecode has an accuracy of 1PPM. 

Unique about the DPR over the HMa is that it can be configured as a transmitter or recorder with audio files being recorded to a microSD card. This is handy when a wireless signal is unavailable.

Being able to transmit audio and/or record internally has become the new standard on wireless audio devices. Audio Limited, Deity, Tascam, and Lectrosonics have been incorporating the feature as of late, and are all following the innovator of the feature, Zaxcom, which is still the only brand that can transmit and simultaneously record internally. (At least in the United States.) While not great for Zaxcom, it's a favorable feature to have included. 

The DPR is also equipped with a low noise op-amp for a cleaner signal-to-noise ratio. There's a dual envelop limiter that provides over 30 dB of headroom, and a 24-bit A-D converter to digitize the audio and filter out any noise above 21 kHz. It's powered by two AA batteries. 


Besides the plug-on, Lectrosonics has introduced a new digital receiver to the digital wireless system. The DSQD/AES3 is a 4-channel receiver with analog or AES digital outputs. The receiver is compatible with Lectrosonics digital transmitter as well as the Digital Hybrid transmitters including the SM, LT, and HM transmitters. The DSQD/AES3 is essentially an updated version of the DSQD with AES3 inputs instead of Dante. 

Pricing & Availability 

The DPR has an MSRP of $2,150, and the DSQD is $6,985. Both will be available in the fall.