Nobody makes movies like Paul Thomas Anderson. He has carved out a place in the industry where he continues to explore the themes and stories that interest him, utilizing the tools and processes he prefers. It's an enviable position, and to be honest, it's easy to get super jealous, but let's all put that aside and just bask in the fun that PTA and his team have when making these movies, and screening stuff at his home theater in prep.

There are of course things that can inspire and move us all about how PTA is decisive but collaborative, how Andy works with him on the edit finding the pace, and how Michael works with him on the visuals in their truly unique "DP collab" process. 

Licorice Pizza is a love letter to first love, to the San Fernando Valley, to the 1970s, and it's got that perfect combo of funny and weird that only PTA can put together. See it in a theater if you can (with a mask and after being boosted!) and bask in the filmmaking fun. 

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