This week, Oppenheimer became the highest-grossing biopic of all time and is cruising toward a billion dollars at the box office. It feels like a movie you can bring up anywhere and have a conversation with anyone about because so many people have seen it.

It's a movie that's also garnered the attention of other directors, and why not? It shot in IMAX, is has scope and scale, and it has found a way to connect to people. One such director who is a fan of the movie is Paul Thomas Anderson. He sat down with AP News to talk about the success of Nolan's Oppenheimer.

“When a filmmaker as strong as Chris is pointing a finger at you and telling you where to go…you listen,” Anderson says, “and audiences have been rewarded for it. I know some film buffs who drove from El Paso to Dallas to see the film properly. That’s about 18 hours round trip.”

Anderson was lauding the 70mm and IMAX of it all, saying it helped bring audiences in from all over and kept them coming back to experience the story on the biggest screen possible.

PTA added, “I don’t think there’s anyone who could disagree: seeing Oppenheimer on film is superior in every single way. Not to mention, people are tired of asking, ‘Why would I go to a movie theater to watch TV?’ Good question…you don’t have to anymore.”

Paul Thomas Anderson added that this is what “I would call this is nature’s way of healing.”

I have to admit, this has been a truly inspiring summer for seeing movies on the big screen. Between Oppenheimer and Barbie, I'm hoping this summer and the fall with movies like Killers of the Flower Moon and Napoleon audiences will keep coming back for more.

We need a robust box office to remind Hollywood that people show up for great movies, and then strong voices and points of view will get butts in seats.

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Source: AP News