LiteGear Launches New Color Changing LiteMat Spectrum LED Panel

Off the back of the very popular LiteMat, a new color changing version is imminent.
  • ~15,000 nit full color changing LED panel
  • Color temperature adjustments from 2,000k to 11,000k
  • PDX dimming eliminates brightness variations in long cable lengths (up to 200ft of cable between head and power)
  • +/- 8 points of tint variation
  • Augmentable white light with color accents
  • Saturation control with 100 shades of depth
  • Certified color-space compliant
  • Compatible with all head-mounted accessories (PolySkirts, Diffusers, SnapGrids)
  • $2,700 — $4,500 depending on kit

To reserve your LiteMat Spectrum, go here.

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Finally companies are understanding how cameras actually work! De saturating white light to keep the RGB spectrum is confirming how Cameras sees light and that all these measurements for rating light spectrum is bullshit! CRI, TLCI all reference full spectrum light like daylight but ignore the fact that cameras dont see full spectrum at all, they see RGB spikes! It is better to pull down saturation color levels than to try and give saturation to a flat color image in editing. Reason why making White light with RGBW color mixing allows for better primary and secondary color control while fixing your images in post.

also Pixel control seems to be the logical next big step in lighting. Pixel mapping is huge right now and im sure we will start to see in coming years that full pixel control of a panel will be the next big race.

April 10, 2019 at 1:16PM

Mike Mack