The pandemic has forced us all inside, and even while it seems to be nearing an end, you might not have the means or ability to travel to Paris to see some of the world's most important pieces of art just yet.

Well, now you can view the Louve’s artworks online .

We're not talking just the famous paintings, we're talking about all the art they hold. Through the new portal , you have access to every single one of the museum’s artworks online.

That's almost half a million pieces.

It seems overwhelming, but the sections are split into categories like drawings and engravings , sculptures , furniture , textiles , jewelry and finery , writing and inscriptions , objects , and of course paintings . There's even a search bar. You even have themed albums like masterpieces, latest acquisitions, and more.

So why is this great for filmmakers?

I think art can inspire some of the best movie ideas . You can use the images to help you craft beats or visuals. Or even for framing to show your cinematographer what you want scenes to look like, or as lighting references too.

Aside from that, you can use them to create lookbooks, mood reels, and even to print out and use for set decoration.

“For the first time ever,” says a recent press release , “the entire Louvre collection is available online , whether works are on display in the museum, on long-term loan in other French institutions, or in storage.”

Free resources like this are hard to come by and especially important to the creative process. The more art and creation you bring into your brain, the better you get for working out your own expressions.

Now that's not a fact, just a theory I have, but I stand by it.

So what are you going to view first? What are some pieces you think everyone on this site should see and appreciate?

Let us know in the comments.