In the biggest news for the animated GIF community since the graphics interchange format founder Steve Wilhite confirmed its pronounced “JIF” and not “GIF”, the popular mobile NLE LumaFusion has announced that users will now be able to import and export animated GIFs directly onto their timelines.

They also announced other updates and features coming with LumaFusion version 4.1, but this one stands out as both a fun function for working with animated GIFs in your videos, as well as a helpful tool for editing and exporting animated GIFs as catty replies in your text threads.

Let’s take a look at this new animated GIF workflow, along with the expansion of the company’s library of transitions included in this new update.

Getting Started with LumaFusion

As we’ve covered on the site in the past, LumaFusion has quickly become one of the most popular mobile NLEs on the market (although the new DaVinci Resolve app and the Final Cut Pro for iPad are both now contenders as well).

Billed as the “gold standard for storytellers around the world,” LumaFusion is a touch-screen editing experience designed for fluid, intuitive and elegant controls with a strong engineering focus on touch and mobile ease-of-use.

Since launching for both Android and Apple users, LumaFusion has brought some nice new updates to its software with multicam studio controls as well as support for HDR with 10-bit processing. However, for the right user set, this new animated GIF feature might be one of the brand’s biggest innovations yet.

LumaFusion Version 4.1

LumaFusion Version 4.1 on an tablet

A look at LumaFusion Version 4.1


This latest update is all about this animated GIF support as it should now allow users to import and export animated GIFs directly into the editing app. While not a new concept entirely, to be fair you can work with animated GIFs in other mobile editors like Adobe Rush, this new feature should be one of the most powerful apps for working with this format in terms of power and features.

With this new LumaFusion update users will be able to import animated GIFs directly onto their timelines for further editing of the clip, as well as provide the ability to create new animated and looping content which can then be exported and shared across different mediums and channels directly from your mobile device.

In addition to this new GIF support, LumaFusion version 4.1 will also expand the app’s library of transitions with a new “Perspective Turn” effect which can transition your video turns on a 3D plane, and a “Stretches” effect which can stretch one sequence into another.

Price and Availability

This new updated version is available to all existing LumaFusion customers. The LumaFusion app itself is available for Android devices on the Google Play store, as well as for Apple users on the Apple App store.

Both versions are on sale for $29.99.