In response to the explosion of the vlogging content creation space, Lume Cube has made it easier than ever to hit the ground running with their Mobile Creator Kits. The company has curated two different versions of the kit that can harness the power of your mobile phone and create a pathway to transform your vlog from a hobby into a professional show.

In the early days of vlogging, heavier DSLRs or mirrorless cameras reigned supreme where creators would attach their camera to a Joby tripod. But as mobile phones have increased in both quality and power, the need to shoot with a heavy and cumbersome camera is no longer necessary. The Lume Cube Mobile Creator Lighting Kit and the Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit both keep your production nimble. 

Mobile Creator Stand

Lumecube_mobilestandCredit: Lume Cube

Both kits center around the Lume Cube Mobile Creator Stand. The stand provides both handheld and hands-free stability of your mobile device, along with a 360-degree rotation and a 290-degree tilt. This makes it ideal for the vertical video vlogging that has become so popular with the TikTok crowd, as well as the standard landscape cinematic image. Users can record or stream live thanks to the Mobile Creator Stand, which can be extended with the built-in extension grip to make it comfortable and steady to hold.

The Lume Cube Mobile Stand can also be purchased separately for $59. 

Mobile Creator Lighting Kit 

Lumecube_mobilelightingkit_0Credit: Lume Cube

The Mobile Creator Lighting Kit is designed to take full advantage of Lume Cube’s line of small and lightweight LEDs. The Mobile Creator Lighting Kit not only comes with the Mobile Creator Stand, but also LumeCube’s popular Panel Mini LED light. The Panel Mini enjoys a CRI index of > 96, and is adjustable from 5600k to 3200k. Battery life ranges from 1.2-14 hours depending on the brightness. 

The Mobile Creator Lighting Kit is priced at $119. 

Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit


When the content creator is ready to boost the quality of their audio, the Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit adds a RØDE VideoMicro compact microphone with the Rycote Lyre shock mount to the setup. For $179.95, the content creator can round out their content with solid lighting and audio, and take their vlogging to a professional level.

The Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit is priced at $179. 

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