For This Filmmaker, the Manfrotto Gear Removes All Doubt

Credit: Oliver Astrologo
How does one on-the-go creator use Manfrotto tools to get perfect camera movement?

It’s no secret that Manfrotto is a favorite amongst the professional cadre of filmmakers and photographers. If you ask just about any pro about their experience with the brand, you’ll likely find different opinions on if accessories make that much of a difference.

For Manfrotto Ambassador Oliver Astrologo, it’s the gear that eliminates any worry about just how good your content will end up. 

“When a new piece of gear comes out, we all love the change, but the reality it's just because we're bored about our current gear," Astrologo told No Film School. "But we know when we have the right equipment when we don't have to worry about it anymore.”

Credit: Oliver Astrologo

Astrologo has been in the filmmaking game for 18 years. Getting his start in the advertising industry, Astrologo moved on to making commercial videos, getting in on the ground floor with HDSLRs that were changing the game at the time.

The evolution of the digital platform has been fast and furious. Consequently, Astrologo steadily relies on well-designed Manfrotto accessories that offer a consistent solution to his support needs.

The latest to join Astrologo’s camera quiver is Manfrotto’s line of stabilizers, which Astrologo says aid in mimicking the movement of the human eye as it scans a scene. But the challenge comes when over-relying on camera movement can take the audience out of the scene that is designed to elicit an emotional response.

That’s where using a well-built monopod can provide the best of both worlds: the ability to move about when necessary, while being able to have a stable image when the movement stops.

For that kind of flexibility, Astrologo uses Manfrotto’s Fast GimBoom Carbon Fiber.

The GimBoom can be combined with the Gim-Pod tripod attachment to become the Swiss Army knife of camera support platforms. The GimBoom can carry far more than a camera, designed to add a gimbal for being able to add movement into a scene without stopping to change to another supported platform. Users can even add a video screen for frame reference. 

“The GimBoom provides for enormous creative possibilities,” Astrologo says. “You can produce some fantastic crane or jib shots with a single tool that fits easily in the backpack.”

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Light at just 800 grams, the GimBoom is built with super sturdy carbon fiber, making it able to handle a variety of camera gear, while being adjustable in seconds thanks to Manfrotto’s fast twisting lock technology. 

Many filmmakers have their own favorites when it comes to gear, to be sure. But for Astrologo, the best tools are the ones that fit, while doing what you need them to do over the long run. For him, that means Manfrotto.

“When I choose Manfrotto products I have the certainty of investing in a quality product that will last over time. It’s the reason why I choose a certain product over others,” Astrologo says. “These are the accessories in my kit that I replace less.”     

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