After releasing a 50mm T2.1 and 35mm T2.1 full-frame cine lens in PL, RF, EF, L, and E-mount, Meike has announced an 85mm T2.1 prime available in the same mounts. 

The 85mm T2.1 carries over similar characteristics in design, having the same aperture, 11 blade iris, 85mm filter thread, 330° focus rotation, and 45mm image circle. The lens is able to resolve 6K and beyond, covering the majority of large-format cinema cameras on the market with the exception of the RED Monstro 8K VV sensor and the Panavision DXL2. But if you're rocking a Canon C700, Sony VENICE, ARRI Alexa LF (4.5K Open Gate), MAVO LF, Z-CAM, or any full-frame mirrorless, the inexpensive Meike cine lenses have you covered. 

Meike85mm_1Credit: Meike

Optically, the 85mm T2.1 is constructed with 14 elements in 8 groups and has a minimum focusing distance of 85cm. Standard 0.8 gear mods are available for both aperture and focus rings, allowing you to pair with any number of follow focus systems. 

The complete set will include 16mm, 24mm, 105mm, and 135mm, all at T2.1. The other focal lengths are expected this year, with the 135mm T2.1 arriving in August. 

  • 24mm T2.1: June
  • 16mm T2.4: June 
  • 105mm T2.1: July 
  • 135mm T2.1: August

The Meike 85mm T2.1 is available for pre-order with a $30 discount for $968 on Meike's website. After release, the price will jump to $998. Expect the lens to ship on May 10.