As we all know, fog/haze/smoke/atmosphere is an essential cinematographic tool. It can help you add depth to your visuals, establish tone, as well as create many different aesthetic, technical, and stylistic effects.

But despite their vital cinematic role, these machines (like anything) could be a little more convenient and accommodating for certain applications, which is what makes the MicroFogger such an interesting item.

This thing is basically a super portable pocket-sized fog machine that has single-button operation, a rechargeable battery, and requires only a few drops of fog liquid.

And here's our favorite Weird Lens Expert, Mathieu Stern, taking it for a spin.

I know what you're thinking (because I thought it, too) looks like a vape mod, right? I mean, that's pretty much what it's basically the same technology (only in reverse). And this tiny thing can produce bigger plumes than the best cloud chasers out there, brah. The fog liquid it uses is made of non-toxic high-quality vegetable glycerin, which is used as a base liquid for vapes and e-cigarettes and will trigger smoke alarms.

Using this thing looks super simple. There are three buttons on the unit: one to trigger and release the fog, and two to adjust the power. When it needs to be recharged, you can plug it in via USB cable.




The MicroFogger looks like a tool that would come in handy for run-and-gun filmmakers, guerrilla-style shoots, as well as whenever you're on a very tiny, cramped set. Also, I'm a very lazy person, as I've said a thousand times here, so being able to just reach inside my pocket and fog up an entire area with a handheld fogger is incredibly appealing.

A single unit goes for about $102. You can also purchase replacement coils for $19 (USD) and extra fog liquid for $7 (USD).

Source: MicroFogger