What are some of your favorite places to go to help your films? Websites or tools that are your secret weapons to finishing festival-worthy movies and TV shows? We spoke with our friends at Film Crux, and they compiled a list of things they use themselves. 

I took a gander, and I think these are fantastic tools you might want to use yourself. Check out a video of them below and then go through the entire list. 

9 Mind-blowing Tools for Filmmakers

1. EbSynth

EbSynth allows you to turn your videos into stunning works of art.

Just paint over the first frame in the clip, and EbSynth will apply that style to the rest of the frames in the clip.

This allows you to create beautiful moving pieces of art in any style you can imagine.

2. Beatoven

Beatoven is an AI-powered music generation website.

Just create a new track, and select the genre, duration, and tempo you want.

Then Beatoven will use AI to generate a brand-new, original music track to fit your specifications.

You can even choose different moods for different parts of the track, and even silence or activate individual instruments.

3. ShotDeck

ShotDeck is a massive visual library of searchable film stills.

All are available for research, reference, inspiration, and education, right at your fingertips.

You can browse by title, shot, keyword, movie name, and more.

They even include a color palette for each shot, and details like the director, cinematographer, crew, and even the camera and lens it was shot on.

4. Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast is a web-based, AI-powered audio recording and editing tool.

It lets you easily create professional audio for videos and podcasts, even if you don’t have professional equipment or skills.

It automatically transcribes your audio so you can edit it just by editing the text.

And it even lets you simultaneously record with other people from around the world, just by sending them a link.

5. Rotato

Rotato is a drag-and-drop 3D mockup generator.

Just open the app, select a template, and drop in your videos or images.

You can even easily animate the mockup with their simple, intuitive keyframe system, even if you have no skills or experience with 3D or motion graphics.

6. TurboRender

TurboRender is a cloud-rendering service that renders your projects for you.

It works with all the major software like 3ds Max, Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Blender, and Houdini.

Just upload your project to their cloud and have them do the heavy lifting for you.

You can even batch render multiple projects at the same time, without locking up your computer’s resources.

7. Runway

Runway is a web-based, AI video editing and creation program.

It allows you to do everything from rotoscoping in just a few seconds to automatically transcribing your videos so you can edit them just by editing the text.

Soon you’ll even be able to do text-to-video editing.

This allows you to actually generate video, change out the background, and edit it, just by typing what you want.

An absolute game-changer.

8. Metahuman Creator

Metahuman Creator lets you create hyper-realistic 3D characters for your films and videos.

Just go to the Metahuman website, click on "Generate," and start designing your own realistic 3D character right there in your browser.

The best part is, it’s free as long as you use them in Unreal Engine.

9. Move.ai

Move.ai lets you get high-quality motion capture with a smartphone.

There’s no need for mocap suits, expensive equipment, or elaborate studio setups.

For the first time, you’ll be able to easily get accurate motion capture data for 3D animation and VFX.