Before everyone was (rightfully perhaps) up in arms about artificial intelligence and its sudden introduction into the film and video industry, the biggest hot-button topic was smartphone filmmaking. Boy, did people love to debate the merits of shooting a video project with your iPhone versus an actual cinema camera.

Now, with the industry shifting in so many new, and at times scary, ways, it feels kind of like a moot point to debate whether or not content creators should be creating content with their smartphones. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that most of the holdouts against smartphone videography would be relatively open to it nowadays as long as it was encouraging actual humans to easily produce real-life content.

As such, there’s certainly some fanfare now for any non-AI film gear to release. With Moment just announcing their latest generation of mobile lenses and its re-inclusion of Android into the mix, we can imagine most film and video pros are going to be interested in checking these new lenses, and Moment’s new mounting interface, out.

The Third Generation of Moment Lenses

After starting their journey a decade ago, Moment has been one of the better brands to be introduced to this smartphone filmmaking space. With its different lens series over the years, the brand has really established itself as a champion of the serious-minded smartphone filmmaker, opting for the best glass, widest range, and crispiest edge-to-edge lens options for those looking to turn their smartphone videos into actual cinematography.

With this next generation of their T-Series mobile lenses, Moment is aiming to re-capture the magic of what made their initial lenses so popular, while spreading their focus back to include both Android and Apple smartphones with eight new lenses and their updated mounting interface.

The New Moment Lenses

\u200bA new Moment anamorphic lens

A new Moment anamorphic lens

Credit: Moment

Let’s take a look at these new T-Series mobile lenses from Moment.

To start, the company is offering Anamorphic 1.33x and 1.55x lenses to really bring that cinematic look to your camera with rich flares, a 16:9 widescreen range, and true black bars.

You can check these two anamorphic lenses out here:

  • Moment 1.33x Anamorphic Lens - Gold Flare | T-Series: $149
  • Moment 1.55x Anamorphic Lens - Blue Flare | T-Series: $149

The rest of Moment’s new T-Series mobile lens set will then range from Tele 58mm to Macro 10x, including the following options in between.

Android Compatible Mounting System

\u200bThe new Moment mounting system

The new Moment mounting system

Credit: Moment

Moment has also announced that they are finally coming back to Android, in part as a response to some of the vast improvements Android has been making with its video recording capabilities. However, rest assured if you’re an Apple die-hard, Moment’s latest line will also be ready for your newest iPhones as well.

Plus, with their new mounting interface which is now 20 percent larger to support new and wider main cameras, and the addition of sensor-shift stabilization, your 28 mm (iPhone X) to 24 mm (iPhone 14) smartphone cameras will be compatible with these new lenses as well.

If you are curious about checking out these new Moment lenses and seeing if they might be right for you and your smartphone videography setups, you can check out the full array on Moment’s site here.