Motion Array is offering three months of free access to its Premiere Pro plugins, Video Review, and Video Portfolio software until July 1, 2020. The best part about about the promo is that there is no credit card needed to sign up, nor will there be any charges after the three month trial. 

The Premiere Pro plugins offer over 30 thirty different transitions and effects that include some basic transitions like ease in, bounce, spinning, and more complex ones like flares, light trails, and light leaks. During the trial, all the plugins are available and any exported or published content is clear of any licensing. 

However, it's important to point out that any content not exported after the three months that use the plugins will need to a plan to continue using that plugin. Meaning, if a project will take longer that three months to finish, it's something to consider. Or if you plan to reopen the project later, the effects and transitions that were used will no longer work without a paid plan. The plugins are available in both Mac and PC versions of Premiere Pro. 

Motionarray_videoreviewVideo Review

Video Review is a platform that allows clients to review and add feedback on a project. It's very straight-forward where after uploading a video, collaborators can make notes, on-screen annotations, and approve edits. It uses automatic timestamps to track feedback.

Video Portfolio is Motion Array's version of an online platform to showcase work. It's similar to Wix but geared toward filmmakers and creative professionals with video portfolios. There are several portfolio themes to choose from and there's no need to know how to code. Everything is drag and drop friendly. 

To continue using any of the platforms after the three month trial, a plan will need to be purchased. Besides these three platforms, Motion Array has a large marketplace of templates, presets, and stock video worth exploring. The site also has a large library of tutorials available in its learn section. Full details about the free trial are available here

Source: Motion Array