The Z CAM cinema line touts some of our favorite inexpensive cameras with their flagship E2-F8 shooting 8K up to 30fps on a full-frame sensor. Optically, the series has mounting options for EF and MFT along with an optional TurboMount that increases the FOV on the E2-M4 and E2-S6 by 0.71x. 

With the Viltrox E-T10 adapter, Z CAM shooters can now use Sony E lenses with several E2 cameras, including the E2-F8, E2-F6, E2-S6, and E2-M4.

It's worth noting the Viltrox adapter is not compatible with Z CAM cameras that do not have an interchangeable lens like the E2, E2C, and E2G. 


The adapter ring replaces the existing Z CAM mount and is easily mounted using the four provided screws. Once installed, it's compatible with any Sony E mount lens. The adapter has communication pins with EXIF support so you'll be able to control your lens electronically including shutter, ISO, and aperture.

The adapter is not a locking mount but does come with a micro-USB port for future updates, opening the door for Sony OIS support down the line. 

The Viltrox E-T10 adapter is available for pre-order now for $199.