When it comes to making ad revenue on your YouTube channel, copyright claims can halt the cash coming in. Music Vine has launched AutoClear, a new feature that automatically detects and releases YouTube copyright claims from your uploaded videos. Let's check it out. 

 Key Features

  • AutoClear offers a vital solution to the growing issue of YouTube copyright claims and demonetization of video content
  • Customers have the dual ability to whitelist their YouTube channel and use AutoClear Codes to automatically clear claims on additional channels
  • Helps the thousands of creators that are frustrated with the process of manually disputing music copyright claims on YouTube
  • AutoClear is already available for many of Music Vine’s most popular artists with even more of the renowned catalog to be added soon

When activated, AutoClear automatically identifies and releases copyright claims on YouTube within 15 minutes of a video going public. Music Vine suggests the feature will help creators dispute YouTube claims without the need of doing so manually. 

Lewis Foster, CEO of Music Vine, said in a statement, “Copyright claims are normal when using most music on YouTube. They provide a means for artists to protect their tracks from illegitimate use, which is vitally important. However, YouTube’s system and dispute process is often not ideal for content creators. Our new AutoClear feature is designed to provide a better solution for everyone, removing the concerns of copyright claims for our customers, while ensuring our artists’ music has necessary protection from ownership fraud and illegitimate usage.

AutoClear aims to be made available to the entire Music Vine library, but as of right now, it doesn't cover everything, so users will still have to dispute some claims manually. The company has already made it available for its most popular tracks and artists. Here's to more companies adding a similar feature. 

Visit Music Vine to find out more about AutoClear.