Get a Free Song for Your Reel Courtesy of Musicbed

Find the perfect song for your reel...and for free!

We here at No Film School have long been fans of Musicbed, the music-licensing company that "represents a curated roster featuring hundreds of indie artists, bands, and composers handpicked for filmmakers and creatives." Filmmaker-friendly and easy to use, Musicbed has proven an invaluable resource for filmmakers of all kinds that are looking to find that perfect song that completes their work.

Now the good folks at Musicbed want to provide you with a free song to use for your filmmaking reel, no questions asked. As CEO and Co-Founder Daniel McCarthy describes, "Every filmmaker needs a great reel. For many potential employers, it’s the first thing they’ll look at when they’re making a decision. We want to give creatives a headstart for 2019 and an easy way for them to update their work so they can get noticed."

In order to browse the company's database and select an appropriate song of your choosing, all you have to do is create a free Musicbed account, find a song, select the ‘Reel’ project type, and enter promo code REEL2019 when you check out. As mentioned in the company's press release revealed today, "The license is valid in perpetuity for your reel." 

Browsing is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, and you can get started today.

The offer is valid throughout the month of February, so to learn more about the opportunity, please click here and happy browsing!     

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