Nanlite is popular for its PavoTube series, as they have integrated internal batteries, but the company's Forza lineup includes point source, punchy lights available in 60 watts to 500 watts. They've expanded their 300-watt models to include a bi-color LED. The Forza 300B promises to be a lot of power in a small package.

The key here to think about its size. LED units generate a lot of heat at the chip, and keeping the board cool is a major factor in the design of most LED units. This often requires fans and ducting to make sure that the unit can keep operating in a variety of temperatures, which often makes for a larger head.

Nanlite has worked to keep the total weight of the head under 5 lbs and physically compact. This makes it easier to rig and transport. One standout feature is the design of the ballast unit. Nanlite has designed a mount for attaching the ballast to your light stand in a stable fashion. This is a huge step forward we hope others will copy since you're often sitting it on the floor or dangling the ballast off a mafer clamp by its strap, where it bangs around. Giving an integrated arm that holds the ballast firmly in place is incredibly useful, both for controlling the light and for ensuring a long life for the ballast.

Forza300bCredit: Nanlite

Having a unit put out both 300 watts and also offer bi-color control is impressive. Until recently in affordable LEDs, you generally either got bi-color output or a lot of punch. We're now seeing affordable LEDs offer both bi-color and more punch, which is a major step forward in functionality. Even if you aren't working often in tungsten lighting setups, the ability to slightly warm up a unit or cool it down to match your camera's preferred color temp or for lighting color contrast is huge.

The Forza 300B is built with a Bowens mount for attaching accessories and comes with a reflector standard. Also included are a remote control and ballast mounting clamp, all together in a handy soft case. The Forza 300B is available now for $899.