Keeping up with what Netflix wants out of creators can be tricky, but recently some journalists at Business Insider got a hold of Netflix's internal documents detailing what the company was looking for. The results were a mixed bag of ideas that surely complement what they found their algorithm teaches them about audiences.

Some mandates at the top are looking for a female Jack Ryan, a new New Girl, a new version of The Voice, and the request to stick away from "sad coms" like Master of None.  

Netflix released over 500 titles last year, and as it builds a content library, it has a ton of data mined from seeing what you pick to watch on a daily basis. This influences the kinds of shows execs are greenlighting and also the lanes they look to attract in the future. With 220+ million subscribers worldwide, they're looking to be leading the way in the latest trends, like female-driven action and hangout comedies. They also need to find replacements for the shows they have ending, like Grace and Frankie

How detailed is the data they look at?

Sources told Business Insider that Netflix wants a modern-day Count of Monte Cristo as well as an underwater TV series. Those are pretty specific asks. But if you have one on the shelf, it might be time to ping your reps to submit it to executives there. 

It's no surprise they're trying to dip their toes into reality TV, either. Those shows are typically easy to produce and fairly cheap. Plus, they are meme- and binge-worthy. Which tracks for a company that's made its money streaming and seeing shows go viral. 

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