And while the camera maker has not given fans much in the way of specs just yet, they make it clear that the image is what this camera is all about.

This is the second of four Z9 teasers that Nikon plans to put out. The first hinted at a dual tilting LCD display, as well as the camera’s ability to capture accurate skin tones with its facial recognition features. Meanwhile, this second one further highlighted the Z9's ability to record 8K video with a resolution of 7680x4320 at 30 frames per second. 

Check it out.

The 30-second teaser was shot in what looks to be the Serengeti in Africa, no better place to show off your camera’s high-resolution capability. The colors are warm, and the detail is striking. There’s a shot of a bird stealing a drink from a pond, with the refection bouncing up like he’s not alone. It’s truly remarkable.

What is equally noteworthy is the amount of recording time that the Z9 may be capable of, up to an hour shooting nonstop. That will make this camera ideal for shooting events, interviews, and even concerts.

With two more Z9 teasers to go, Nikon is leaving camera users wanting more. And we can’t wait to learn more about this fantastic camera. 

Nikon fans can stay up to date on all the Z9’s teaser videos at Nikon’s Japanese website.