Nizo is a minimalist iPhone app released in December 2018 from a Sydney-based developer. Named after a Super 8 camera, the app aims for simplicity and relies on intuitive gestures for navigation and use. It's also unique in its ability to both shoot and edit all in one place, rather than importing iPhone footage into another app entirely. The company is promoting Nizo as "filmmaking in its purest form" and "new wave filmmaking."

Within the app's video capture, there are options to shoot in 4K video (24 fps or 60 fps) or 1080p (24 fps or 120 fps). There are easy-to-find manual controls for ISO, shutter angle, and white balance.

The app also includes nine "cinematic presets" that change your clip's color and add film grain, if preferred. These filters are meant to mimic the look of old Kodak film cameras.

Nizo's UI is simple and intuitive.

When you shoot a video, its clip appears in a timeline overlay on the left. A tap enters the editing timeline, and a swipe up on each clip reveals audio options. This is also where you can add a dissolve transition.

If you tap and hold a clip, they can be dragged and dropped along the timeline, or deleted with a flicking motion.

Clips can be edited by dragging the small white vertical lines at the bottom of each clip. A tap will allow you to preview the clip or entire video.

The Nizo app editing timeline

The app also features a gallery of several filmmakers' Nizo-shot art films that can be viewed on your phone or online. (Be warned, a few are NSFW.)

Nizo is extremely easy to use, and within a few minutes the gestures felt natural, and the editing was simple enough to figure out. There seem to be enough options for both the casual video enthusiast and the more serious short filmmaker on the go. The app does have its limitations, but overall it's a cool idea, and updates could expand the choices of filters, transitions, and options.

Nizo is currently available for iPhones exclusively and can be purchased in the App Store for $4.99.

Source: Nizo