Whether you're shopping for camera electronics, or some new filmmaker tools to elevate your project to the next level, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days to save a buck. To save you from the stampede at the store, we put together a list of sales to let you shop from your couch. I mean, who wants to leave the house after stuffing your bellies with your holiday's best?

Not us. Happy holidays to everyone, and happy shopping!

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

B&H's Cyber Monday - For anything film, your first stop should always be B&H. Whether you're buying a camera, some accessories, or a full-blown editing suite, this NYC staple should always be your first stop. 

B&H Black Friday Camera SalesCredit: B&H

Moment - A (much) smaller, more hipper version of B&H, Moment has been a unique store front/creator space for the past few years. They sell everything from cameras to accessories. The Seattle-based company also has some of their own products like filters and smartphone lenses. You won't get the the selection like you do with B&H, but the prices are just as competitive, and you get a selection of Moment-crafted goods. 

Moment Black Friday SalesShop Moment on a budgetCredit: Moment

Apple - From November 25th to the 28th, Apple is putting some of their best products on sale. AirPods, MacBooks, iPhone, you name it. If you've been in the market for an Apple device, this weekend just might be the perfect time to do so. 

Apple Black Friday DatesBlack Friday DatesCredit: Apple

Iron Glass Adapter Rehoused Lenses - This Ukrainian company started by making cine-modded soviet lenses. Now they rehouse them. These are some of the most unique cinema lenses on the market. Everything is 20% off until December 1st and you get to support a Ukrainian company!

Helios 44-2 58mm f/2Rehoused Helios 44-2 58mm f/2Credit: Iron Glass Adapters

FilmConvert - Film emulation was blown up in the past few years. These days, it seems everyone has a film emulation LUT for sale, but FilmConvert was the first company to offer a dedicated tool. Now they also offer CineMatch, which can match footage between two camera brands at the press of a button. Well, maybe not one button, but it's still easier than doing it by eye. 

CineMatchCredit: CineMatch

Final Draft - If you're a filmmaker who lives behind a desk instead of a camera, Final Draft is probably already on your computer. But if you're an up-and-coming writer, this writing program is an industry-standard that you need to understand before you type FADE IN. 

Final DraftNow you have to start writing.Credit: Final Draft

Highland 2 - This is for writers who want a minimalist screenwriting program. It's customizable, has a clean UI, and allows you to write without worrying about formatting. Highland also supports the Final Draft file format, so you can save, open, and work on .fdx files without issues. Best of all, it's free, so you get to save some money for that other present you've been meaning to buy. 

Highland 2Now you can write, but for free.Credit: Highland 2

Hulu Black Friday Deal - However, if you're all about watching movies instead of making them, Hulu has a killer deal for Black Friday. If you jump on it before Monday, you get a year of Hulu for $1.99 a month. 

Hulu Black Friday DealCredit: Hulu

Peacock TV - For Black Friday, you get Peacock for only $1 a month for the year. Peacock is NBCUniversal's streaming platform and has some solid shows. It's like the Universal Studios to Disney's Disneyland.

Peacock TVAll these shows and more.Credit: Peacock TV

ACIDBITE - Not only can you get some of the coolest transitions, overlays, animations, and LUTs, but you can also get a chance to win a MacBook Pro M2. The deal only lasts until Monday, so make sure you wake up from your food coma in time.

Acidbite ProductsCredit: ACIDBITE

Prism Lens FX - If you're all about practical effects, these lens filters are going to give you some of the coolest FX you're ever going to get out of camera. For Black Friday, you can get 20-40% off. 

Prism Lens FX FiltersFilters for 40% offCredit: Prism Lens FX

AEJuice Bundle - Animations, presets, courses, oh my! For one day only, AEJuice is offering everything they have for absolute peanuts. If you've been planning on expanding your editing toolkit, this is one bundle you shouldn't miss. 

AEJuice Smoke & Fog EffectsSmoke & fog effects show here, but there's a ton more to discover.Credit: AEJuice

While there is a lot to explore on this list already, there is so much more to discover for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Happy holidays and happy deal hunting!

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