One of the things we talk about a lot here is the future of cinemas. What will the movie-going experience look like in 2025? 2030? We are in a weird era where we have no idea when it'll be safe to go back to the theater, and when we do go back, what movies will be left? 

We know that safety comes first, but after that...Tenet

Which movies will dominate the box office over the next decade and which ones will be relegated to being shown at home? 

I think there will be a prioritization for event films, blockbusters, and the like. 

And what better place to watch a movie like that than in a vertical cinema...

What's a vertical cinema? Well, it's a new idea from Ōma Cinema. Ōma is a new way of thinking about going to the movies. It assembles seating and a screen in such a way that every seat, regardless of where it's located, gets you the best picture quality and sound.

It's much more than just the spectacular nature of the architecture, the original configuration of the room has been designed to offer viewers exceptional audio and visual experience, projecting an image free of any distortion. 

I love the sleek concepts. This seating makes it fun for groups and also gives you a more intimate experience. These cinemas are being designed for the spaces available, with one set for Paris. They are not identical like cinemas we see now, but customizable. 


Platform distribution allows Ōma to meet your very specific needs in existing structures or new projects alike. Choose the size of each platform, number of levels, platforms per level, etc. That way you can make sure each space feels curated for the experience. 

You get things like bars, lounges, and even VIP seating arrangements. 

Imagine premiering your movie here. 


I love the imagination behind stuff like this. 

The Architect of this project is Pierre Chican. He specialized in the realization of cultural arenas and, more specifically, cinemas for more than 20 years, Pierre Chican designed two of the most successful cinema theaters in Europe: UGC Les Halles (3.1 million tickets sold in 2019) and UGC Bercy (1.9 million tickets sold in 2019) in Paris and many others projects in France (Pathé La Valette with the first IMAX laser cinema in France) and abroad.

He's working with Nicolas Chican, who uses his strong skills in the entertainment and tourism industry to help make these theaters commercially viable. 

Would you want to see one of these cinemas in your town? 

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