If you were to truly learn everything you know about the industry just from YouTube filmmaking trends, you might think every project and film was shot on popular mirrorless cameras and using hand-held gimbals. And it’s true.

DIY and lo-fi filmmaking tools have become quite useful and acceptable for a lot of production needs. However, if you are looking to seriously step up into the higher-end and pro level of production, you’re going to need quality, and more stable and versatile, tools like the Panther X-Type Dolly.

This new dolly from the German grip company is a very capable 360-degree rotatable dolly system with high-low-turnstile options and plenty of other helpful dolly grip controls. Let’s check it out.

The Panther X-Type Dolly

What exactly is a camera dolly and how do you use it? Well, the camera dolly is a filmmaking and production tool used by filmmakers, and the camera department, to create different dolly shots, which you can read about here.

This new Panther X-Type Dolly is nothing completely revolutionary, however, it does represent one of the current best models for modern dolly work with all of the customizable and versatile features a working grip or DP might want to use on set.

In particular, the X-Type Dolly features a dolly column that can be taken out of the chassis either for quicker transport or as a way to use the high-low turnstile to set up different camera shot levels without needing a different pivot bearing.

There are other helpful tools and features too.

360-Degrees and Range Extension

With a low center of gravity to keep this bad boy steady, the X-Type Dolly also features a fully 360-degree rotatable design with a range extender option which can double the lift range and twice the speed without significantly increasing the overall size and weight of the setup.

You can also use the X-Type and its high-low-turnstile to create impressively low camera positions, a setup you can achieve without needing to completely remove the camera from the dolly itself. There are also some neat ergonomic and cosmetic features that make the dolly more adjustable with a rotating seat, and easier to travel with with detachable carrying handles.

We should also mention that the X-Type comes with three steering modes with the basic version including Crab, Front, and Rear options. There’s also a Crab and Steer Kit option that adds an extra Steer mode for better steering geometry.

\u200bA look at the Panther X-Type Dolly

A look at the Panther X-Type Dolly

Credit: Panther

Price and Availability

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first dolly to be designed with every one of these features. However, it is a solid option worth considering thanks to the strong brand name and excellent design.

Price is contingent on which build-out options you choose and can be found on their site directly here.