This week we take a very, very biased look at Shushgate perpetrator Jeffrey Katzenberg's fallen streaming platform Quibi and why this failure was perhaps an inevitability. Also, as the new Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is released, we examine how much our culture has changed since the first Borat and Netflix drops streaming and viewership data. For Tech News, Hollyland unveils its new wireless video transmission system, the Mars 400 Pro. And for Ask No Film School, Charles helps you navigate the terrifyingly vast landscape of lights when it's time to go bigger and brighter. Enjoy!

*Editorial note: We apologize for the uneven sound quality on Charles' mic. Additionally, on several instances, the hosts accidentally say “David Geffen” when they mean "Jeffrey Katzenberg."

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by George Edelman, Charles Haine, and Jeffrey Reeser.