Those of us who are lucky enough to own any of the Mac machines that include the M1 chips (a group I'm seriously considering joining) are about to get really happy.

Adobe has unveiled some third-party benchmark data that shows more than significant improvements in performance and just about everything related to being a Premiere Pro user. Faster exports, better response times and general performance, and even improved battery life (on their laptops). They've also announced M1 native supported versions for Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom Classic.

Premiere Pro's M1 support is still in beta, but it will release soon.

Here's a closer look at a portion of the benchmark data.

  • Improvements in Import, Playback, and Exports
    • XAVC S 4K footage import speeds are 187% faster
    • ProRes 422 encoding is 129% faster
  • Faster Overall Performance
    • Launch time 50% faster
    • Saving projects 168% faster (this is a big one to me)
  • Performance Gains for Adobe Sensei and AI Features
    • Scene Edit Detection a whopping 430% faster

This is just some of the benchmark data that was gathered. If you'd like to take a full dive into the data, it's available here. There is also data about the rest of the native M1 Creative Cloud apps.

So if you have an M1 chip, thank your lucky stars. Your days of sitting and waiting an unnervingly long time for your project to save may be coming to a close.