Meet Julie Christeas and Jonny Blitstein, leaders of the independent film studio Tandem Pictures, whose most recent success story is the genre-bending Black Bear, starring Aubrey Plaza and Christopher Abbot.

The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2020, and it is out now on streaming platforms everywhere. We talk about their "Sundance or bust" strategy and why it's important to not only have a plan B, but plans "A through J." Also, how to brave the mind-boggling puzzles of day-to-day line producing, and how it feels to have CAA embrace your film in its finished form. Enjoy this deep dive into the process of producing unique and impactful movies!

If you want to hear another account of a complex, personal story coming to fruition, don't miss our chat with writer-director Tara Miele.

Check out the trailer for Black Bear below:

*Note: we apologize for the issues in some of the audio of the episode; it was recorded remotely.*

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