There are a lot of friendships in Hollywood, and Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's bond is high up there for me. These two guys just seem to get one another. They came up at the same time and their collaborations over the years have been stellar. 

In a recent conversation for the El Rey Network, Tarantino and Rodriguez sat down to talk all things Hollywood.

They came to the topic of a screening Tarantino did of his friends for Pulp Fiction when it was done. He wasn't sure about the movie and wanted their opinions. Rodriguez was not able to be there, but this is how he described it: “I think the time that happened before most famously was on Star Wars. George Lucas got all his director friends to look at it. [Brian] De Palma, [Steven] Spielberg and they all were just like, ‘Poor George [Lucas]. Wasted his time with this movie. What a fool’s errand this was.’ Spielberg recognized it for being something that it could be.”

Rodriguez went on to say how revolutionary the movie wound up being for so many.

He continued, “But, I talked to some of the directors because I wasn’t able to go to that screening that you had for your director friends. I was curious. I called up a couple of people and said, ‘How did it go?’ They said, ‘I’m not sure. Don’t know. Don’t know about this one.’”

Tarantino responded, “They had never seen anything like it!”

“It was like Star Wars,” Rodriguez said. “That was our Star WarsPulp Fiction was like our Star Wars. Not even we knew.”

I think when you're writing and directing, peer review is one of the most important steps. It's so nice to gather friends and circle the wagons. you can really suss out what's working and what's not. Take the harsh and brutal edits. Let them help you make your vision complete. But also remember to believe in yourself!

I also think Pulp Fiction was a lot like Star Wars because it spawned so many imitators for so long.

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