I know...I know what you're thinking, and guess what, I understand: we all wanted RED's smartphone, the Hydrogen One, to be great. Unfortunately, its reviews...not too good. Surely most users expected state-of-the-art imaging and camera features, because...hello, RED, as well as some kind of space-age holographic communication technology that would make R2D2 look like a rusty robotic droid from the late 1970s.

But, the reviews after taking Hydrogen One for a spin have been mixed at best, with some users even complaining that the "4V" screen gives them headaches.

Reviews aside, there were also some delays with shipping, namely for the premium-quality Ti Hydrogen One...the one made out of titanium rather than aluminum. RED's Jim Jannard hit the forums to inform people that the "1st run of Ti is a disaster. All fail." After some troubles with RED's ODM, suppliers, and vendors, stating that pre-order customers would receive aluminum versions first, and then titanium ones free of charge. 

And now, those titanium versions are shipping for $1595.


For those who really like the Hydrogen One, this is exciting news. For those who don't, this isn't really a story. However, with the announcement of the RED Lithium, a 3D, or, excuse me, "4V" camera, it seems as though the RED smartphone may have more of a future on indie/no-budget film projects than it does in the paws of non-filmmakers wanting to play Temple Run while they wait for the subway...or like...make a phone call.