While the focus for filmmakers regarding the RED Hydrogen One will always be on the new smartphone camera’s video recording capabilities (both regular and RED’s new 3D “4V”), it’s hard not to get caught up in the poor across the board reviews that are starting to pop up online as the RED Hydrogen One is making its rounds to select reviewers.

Let’s look at three hands-on reviews of RED Hydrogen One prototypes to see what if the ambitious camera smartphone might have a place for filmmakers or consumers.  

The Verge’s RED Hydrogen One Review

In this hands on review, Jacob Kastrenakes of The Verge, really hits hard on the RED Hydrogen One for being “a $1,300 mess of a phone.” Kastrenakes really takes issue with the cameraphone’s “4V” or “4 View” functionality as both nauseating and unappealing. It’s hard to see yet in many of these reviews, but this 3D functionality is the biggest point of contention so far. However, Kastrenakes also gives the RED Hydrogen One its best marks for its video capabilities, which might just be a lone point of interest for some filmmakers.

Marques Brownlee’s Hopeful RED Hydrogen One Review

Popular Youtuber Marques Brownlee was another source to get a hands-on review of the RED Hydrogen One, yet was only able to show certain elements of the two seperate prototypes in his video review. Similar to the Verge, Brownlee had less-than-ideal reviews of many of the Hydrogen One’s functions and features - albeit while admitting his hope for the cameraphone’s future.

RED Hydrogen One 4K Video Sample

Finally, in one of the rare few online videos showcasing real footage from the RED Hydrogen One, Youtube channel PhoneArena Samples gives a glimpse at some actual 4K footage (3840 x 2160 resolution). The footage and colors look alright in the upload, as the Youtuber also shows some of the Hydrogen One’s digital zoom capabilities, but overall leaves a mixed impression with most commentators for the “jelly” shutter and lack of distinction from iPhone’s 4K.

As filmmakers and video professionals, what are your expectations for the RED Hydrogen One - and would you consider putting up the $1,300 to invest in it?