The RED Hydrogen One may not be off to the best start press-wise. Early reviews of the camera phone’s video capabilities have been mixed at best, and as a functioning 3D (“4V”) smartphone, it’s not so great overall.

However, if the RED Hydrogen One does have a future (and as was explained in a recent sit-down demo of RED cameras and the Hydrogen One), it’s that the Hydrogen One is a first prototype boldly exploring what will one day be a new future of smartphone-based cinematography.

The RED Lithium promises to be another big first step for the company. On the last day of 2018, the RED Hydrogen Facebook page teased a new look at the Lithium and how it will apparently partner with the Hydrogen once released.

The image is pretty much all we have to go off of so far, but does shine some light into how the Lithium looks to be its own unique unit with the Hydrogen One serving simply as a monitor / viewfinder. The 3D/4V recording is intriguing, but will leave it open to readers as to whether it represents any relevance for future filmmaking needs - or just fantasies.