If you’re like us here at No Film School, you spend a lot of your time daydreaming about the kinds of projects you want to write and direct in the future. There’s almost nothing that can directly mimic that rush…until now.

Our awesome friends at Filmevent have a brand new game they shared with us – it’s called "Road to Hollywood," and it’s a groundbreaking game that makes filmmaking accessible to everyone in your family or circle of friends.

And when you finish a round, you have a movie to watch.

Road to Hollywood is live on Kickstarterwww.youtube.com

Inspired by a decade of creating engaging film experiences, Filmevent has distilled its expertise into a fun, user-friendly game that requires no prior filmmaking knowledge to play – just an imagination and a desire to have fun.

And we found playing it really got our creative juices flowing.

The game takes you on a thrilling journey through the movie-making process. Each player takes on a role within the film crew and is also assigned an acting part, ensuring everyone experiences the thrill of a real movie production. They have a specially designed app that allows you to step into the director's role and capture footage directly on your smartphone.

Road to HollywoodFilmevent

The system automatically edits the video, adding music, sound effects, and color grading. You simply provide the film title and the end credits, and you'll have a polished film to be proud of, making the process easy and enjoyable for all.

Those films can be stored as a family or friend memory, posted online, or even entered into a contest. The sky is the limit. And there is no cap on your imagination.

Road to Hollywood Filmevent

What we love about this is that you can practice your filmmaking skills, get the support you need to make things look good, and you don;t have to go anywhere outside your home. Although, if you step outside, you can open whole new facets of your creativity, so go where the game takes you.

"With 'Road to Hollywood,' we're aiming to share the fun of filmmaking with everyone. It's about bringing that magic into every home, making each player a director or actor," says Thom Seewer, founder and the creative initiator of the project. "We're bringing the excitement of movie-making to your living room and allowing you to explore your creativity in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way."

Road to HollywoodFilmevent

The Kickstarter for this game launches TODAY, and we’re getting involved because we think this has the ability to help the next generation of storytellers hone their craft at home.

And we think this is just a fun idea for the whole family.

"To support the campaign and join in on this filmmaking adventure, visit our Kickstarter page, follow us on social media, and watch our promotional video to see 'Road to Hollywood' in action," encourages Lucca Jäger, the creative mind behind the game.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Road to Hollywood and embark on a journey that will inspire, entertain, and unite you and your loved ones like never before.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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