They don't make movies like Casino anymore. Martin Scorsese's bloody, neon tour of vice and Mafia crime in Sin City is a good-not-great successor to Goodfellas, which reunites back Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci with a script co-written by Nicholas Pileggi. The mid-budget drama ($40 - $50 million) is the kind of studio film that major studios don't make anymore, the ones packed with ensemble casts bolstering the likes of Sharon Stone and Don Rickles. The late comedian was not a fan of De Niro's infamous Method acting approach, we glimpsed in this rare behind-the-scenes clip posted by Cinephilia & Beyond. 

Watch below: 

Wow. Rickles burned the Oscar-winner good

The clip is from a Spike TV roast of De Niro from several years ago, with Rickles enjoying throwing some jabs at his co-star and his acting habits. To see two Hollywood legends like this trade barbs on the set of a Scorsese picture is the stuff of Film Twitter's dreams. With recent home entertainment releases all but abandoning special features and behind-the-scenes B-roll looks at the production, Twitter and YouTube has become the home for must-see artifacts like the above clip. 

If anything, the clip helps prove that you can have "fun" on your set even if you are shooting a serious and violent film like Casino. In fact, opposite-emotion reactions to the content of the project seems essential in the making of it. They can help alleviate certain pressures and drama as the production gets increasingly deep in the emotionally-trying moments of a story. They can also help foster a sense of camaraderie. 

More importantly, they can make us laugh. A lot. 

Source: Cinephilia & Beyond